The Ultimate Guide to Custom Metal Signs

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Metal Signs

A custom sign is a common sight for any business and residence. But, not all signs are the same. Different materials will perform in different ways. Some are durable, some are lightweight, and some need constant care.

A metal sign is a popular choice for many reasons. They are popular not only for commercial property but for home decor, as well. If you are considering a metal sign, here are a few helpful tips. 

What is a Custom Metal Sign?

A custom metal sign is a reflection of you, your personality, and your home. Because a custom metal sign can be made to resemble anything you want, it is the perfect choice when it comes to signs.

If you want a sign to display your family name on your home, the house number, or a personal message, you can do that with a custom metal sign. You can also have scenes or designs for inside the home, as well.

Made of metal and cut to your own personal design, a metal sign is a durable, beautiful addition to any home. It is long-lasting and can be customized for size, shape, and color.

A custom sign is whatever you want it to be. If you want to reflect your own message, then just ask and you can get it. Your sign will be the only one like it anywhere.

The Importance of Custom Metal Signs

One of the best aspects of choosing a metal sign is its versatility. You can get any design you can dream up. You can get a large sign, a small one that attaches to your door, or something that hangs on the wall.

Custom metal signs will last for many years to come. They are strong and can withstand extreme weather and not suffer much damage at all. Metal is resistant to moisture and with an extra protective coating, expect it to last for years.

They are easy to work with so they can be customized to fit any occasion. You know you will have the only sign like yours and that it is unique to you and your family.

Metal is durable but these signs are still light enough so that they can be easily moved. If you are opting for the garden stakes or for a seasonal metal design, rest assured you will be able to move them easily.

If they are knocked down by the wind, you don’t need to worry about the signs getting damaged. Even if the coating is chipped, it is easily repaired. For indoor signs, there is no issue with rust, pets, or other concerns.

Different Types of Custom Metal Signs

When it comes to options for your metal sign, your choices are only limited by your own imagination. Whether you need something for a gift, something to hang inside or out, you can get whatever you want.

Letters and words are very popular. A stylized capital letter with the name etched through the middle or at the bottom is a bright and bold way to let people know who lives there.

House numbers are also another way to add style and function to your home. You can have the numbers for your home in any type of background, design, or style you want.

Another popular custom sign is to honor your family pet. Whether past or present, it makes a lovely tribute and you can get any design and style you like, and you can even include their name.

Word art is also a nice addition to any home. If you or your family have a motto or favorite saying, have it made into beautiful art that showcases any room in your home with words of wisdom.

How to Create Your Own Custom Metal Signs

If you are wondering if your idea can be made into a custom metal sign, just send us the details. Here at Tahoe Metal Designs, we can take any idea you have and make you a custom sign.

Send us a photo, a drawing, a word, or phrase, and be sure to ask about fonts, size, and color coating. We will create an image to show you to see if you approve and then custom-build you the perfect metal sign.

It’s just that easy. Submit anything you want to have made into a metal sign and we will strive to make it for you. All of our signs are made to order, so yours will be perfect for you.

Where can I find a good metal sign company near me?

For your perfect custom-made metal sign, look no further than Tahoe Metal Designs. We will take your design ideas and turn them into beautiful and unique works of art for your home.