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Garden Stakes


      Add some life to your garden with our decorative garden stakes 

      Having some decorative garden stakes are the best way to give your lawn a touch of color and make it stand out from the crowd. Our wide range of designs and colors means there's something for everyone, from animal lovers to stylish gardeners. 

      Select your favorite decorative garden stakes design

      Find the best decorative garden stakes for your lawn at Tahoe Metal Design! You can choose from 19 different colors and designs depending on your preference. Choose the one that matches your personality best.  

      Material matters 

      We use high-quality materials in our garden stakes so you can enjoy them for many years. We use powder coat paint, and stainless steel to ensure that these decorative garden stakes will last for a long time.

      Sizes for Everyone 

      No matter how big or small your garden is or what type of stake you need, we have a size for you! From small pocket stakes for your windowsill all the way up to large garden stakes that can reach 3 feet tall, we have the perfect size for you. 

      Decorative Garden Stakes Installation

      Our installation is easy, simply push the stake into soft soil or sand until only about one inch of it is exposed above ground. Contact us today to request a quote for the design that you want!

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